In 2017 the NBA Science and Research Committee committed to developing a thorough review of existing bison research literature. With support from the National Buffalo Foundation, the Committee hired Dr. Gerald Huntington to facilitate the review. According to Dr. Huntington, "I began the project with broad literature searches, to cast a wide net. The key words, “bison” and “buffalo” turned out to be just that; the (inter)net brought in information about cities in New York, all kinds of animals from around the world, a productive researcher in health medicine name Bison, and insight into nuclear physics, that among other things has bison particles. Subsequent cross-searches between databases, and independent key work searches on authors and content of garnered publications created a database of approximately 2,000 entries, with high confidence that I haven’t missed something significant." The result is a very extensive list of studies that focus on a myriad of issues facing bison. NBA Active, Life, Allied Industry and Junior members can access the full studies in the members' only section of the website under Production Resources.