2023 NBA Gold Trophy Show and Sale

January 21, 2023: The 2023 Gold Trophy Show and Sale will take place at the newly renovated National Western Stock Show complex in Denver. The Gold Trophy Show and Sale (GTSS) is the premier bison auction in the U.S. For nearly 40 years, bison producers have brought their best bison stock to Denver’s National Western Stock Show to show and sell their animals. The sale features high quality, judged breeding stock as well as top-notch production animals that are sure to perform back at the ranch. 
We are now taking consignments for the NBA's 2023 Gold Trophy Show and Sale (GTSS). Please see details below and consign by next December 16th at https://bisoncentral.com/2023-gold-trophy-show-and-sale-consignment-form/.
We hope you can join the NBA at the new and improved National Western Stock Show for our annual breeding stock show and sale, which features some of the best breeding stock and genetics in the bison business. 
Based on recent live auction results, quality is clearly being rewarded at this year's sales and breeding animals are overall bringing good money. For over forty years, the GTSS has provided a quality auction service for both buyers and sellers. This year's judges are longtime bison expert producers, Les Kroeger - Hanley, SK and Dr. Gerald Parsons - Stratford, OK who bring decades of experience working with top-notch breeding animals and judging. Don't miss out on this great opportunity, consign to 2023 GTSS! 
Once again, Buffaloheard Productions will be producing a full color catalog for the event with advertising space available for anyone interested. Advertising does not necessarily have to be associated with the GTSS and presents a great opportunity to reach an engaged audience! Advertisements can be full color or black/white and pricing and availability are shown here. The catalog will be available to attendees at the NBA Winter Conference as well as the live Gold Trophy Show and Sale. Additionally, it will be posted online on the NBA website for viewing and downloading in advance of the conference and auction. Advertisements are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact Karen at (605) 381-3738 or buffheard@gmail.com to discuss your options. 
Per the GTSS Rules and Regulations, "The NBA acts only as an agent and assumes no responsibility in the event of injury or death to any animal or for any discrepancy between the buyer and the consignor."
2023 Classes and Prices:
2 Year Old Bred Heifer ('20) - $110
Pen of 2 - 2 Year Old Bred Heifers ('20) - $250
Yearling Heifers ('21) - $110
Pen of 3 Yearling Heifers ('21) - $200
Pen of 5 Heifer Calves ('22) - $300
Heifer Calves ('22) - $110
Two-Year-Old Bull ('20) - $110
Yearling Bull ('21) - $110
Bull Calf ('22) - $110
Commission: A 10% commission is taken off of the live animal sale price, with 9% going to the NBA's general account and 1% contributed to the NBA's Growth Fund program to support promotional efforts in the bison industry. 
Ear Tags: GTSS ear tags will be mailed as soon as possible after consignments are received. They are to be placed in the animal's left ear. All other ear tags must be removed, except permanent metal ID tags, EID or RFID tags, NABR (North American Bison Registry) tags, Source Verification (SVP) tags and trichomoniasis tags. One show tag plus any government issued tags.