Bid Deadline for Elk Island National Park’s 98 Plains Bison

Please be advised that Elk Island National Park of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta is selling 98 PLAINS bison Calves, Yearlings and OTM Bulls by tender. Please see attached document which includes detailed information on the Plains bison for sale on behalf of Elk Island National Park (EINP). Refer to this document when preparing your tender. At the discretion of ElNP, the 98 Plains Bison have been divided into groups referred to as “Lots”. These Lots coincide with the Pens the bison are split into. Please consider placing bids on each OR all Lot(s) as desired. Any or All Lots may or may not sell to the same bidder.

See bidding instructions the full list of offerings, including age, weight and lot #s, here.

For more information or questions please contact Brendan Kramer at 306.445.5000 (office) or 306.441.6519 (cell).

NOTE: Please see Animal Information Sheet for Tag #’s, Age, Gender, Weights, and “Lot #’s” the bison are offered in. The groups in each “Lot” consist of a variety of calves & yearlings (bulls & heifers), and a few “Lots” of older bulls.

Total numbers for each age and each gender of Plains bison for sale include the following:
- 31 – 2018 Bulls
- 25 – 2018 Heifers
- 18 – 2017 Bulls
- 19 – 2017 Heifers
- 2 – 2.5 yr Bulls
- 2 – 3.5 yr Bulls
- 1 – 4.5 yr Bull

Viewing Dates: Monday February 25, Tuesday February 26 and Wednesday February 27 from 11:00AM – 2:00PM Alberta time, at Elk Island National Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. To arrange viewing, please contact Rob Found at 780-266-5963 (cell) or at