Free Bison Advantage Workshop – Goodland, KS – February 18

Come and learn the ABC’s of raising America’s National Mammal – The American Bison (AKA Buffalo).  A free Bison Advantage Workshop will be held at the Beaver Creek Buffalo Ranch in Sherman County, North of Goodland, KS beginning at 8 am MDT on Saturday, 18 February.

This workshop will be presented by the National Bison Association and Ken Klemm, a local buffalo rancher with 29 years’ experience from calf to table.

At noon, a bison chili lunch will be provided for the morning workshop attendees (donations accepted).  Following lunch, ranch tours will be available for workshop participants.  More ranch tours will be available for the public starting at 2:30 pm.  Dress weather appropriate as the tours are conducted in open vehicles.  Space is limited – first come, first served.   

To wrap up this educational and fun day, a panel discussion titled: “The Bison Advantage - Bison and Modern Day Agriculture” will be held at the Goodland High Plains Museum in conjunction with the highly-acclaimed traveling “Bison” exhibit (on loan and sponsored by the National Buffalo Foundation, the Kauffman Museum, the National Buffalo Museum and the Klemm Buffalo Ranch).  Come to the museum at 7 pm MDT to view the exhibit, learn more about this great animal and the business opportunities available.

Contact Ken Klemm for directions and more information at or 785-899-5804