Marketing Resources

The National Bison Association is here to assist its members and help them sustain and grow their buffalo business. Please utilize the following member services the NBA has to offer, and dont hesitate to contact the NBA office if you have any questions. Were here to help!

Buyer’s Guide Signup

Are you listed on the NBA’s Online Buyer’s Guide? If not, please sign up here. The Buyer’s Guide is where we steer the public when they contact the NBA looking for all things buffalo. You can list your bison products, ranch services, farmer’s market you sell product at, etc. Statistics show the Buyer’s Guide is the number one page that folks visit on the NBA website. Listings are FREE for Active, Life and Allied Industry NBA members. To create your Buyer’s Guide listing, make sure you are logged into the web site and go to your profile to create your Buyer’s Guide. It is the responsibility of each member to create their own Buyer’s Guide listing, as you know your business and how to promote it better than the association does.

Marketing Tools

NBA members have free access to several types of marketing materials to use to promote their business. Professionally designed and printed brochures, booklets, cookbooks, recipes, food images ad templates, nutrition chart and the NBA logo and more.

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Labeling and Regulations

An Overview of Regulations for Labeling Claims
By Dave Carter, NBA Executive Director

Increasingly, bison and other meat producers are seeking to distinguish their products in the retail marketplace through a variety of claims.

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Advertising Opportunities

The National Bison Association offers advertising opportunities to a very targeted market of bison producers, marketers, processors, consumers and enthusiasts. Our advertising options include print publications, online newsletters and on our website.

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Market Survey Trends

View all market trends material.

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