WESTMINSTER, CO (November 3, 2022) The first Saturday in November offers everyone an opportunity to rally around a symbol of national unity, as National Bison Day celebrates the cultural, historical and economic significance of our National Mammal. The American bison is at home in a wide variety of climates across the continent, with herds today found in American parks, refuges, national forests and grasslands, Tribal lands, private conservancies, ranches and farms.
Since 2013, the United States Senate annually has designated the first Saturday in November as National Bison Day. This resolution has the full support of a community bound by the heritage of the American Bison and includes the National Bison Association, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the InterTribal Buffalo Council. These three organizations championed the enactment of legislation in 2016 designating bison as the National Mammal of the United States.
Today's bison herds continue to grow despite a three-year cycle of pandemic, drought, and economic uncertainty. There are exciting advances in understanding bison through the Center of Excellence for Bison Studies, established in 2020 within the South Dakota State University system. Researchers and academics from across the country are bringing together projects to improve the ability of bison caretakers to manage healthy herds and produce healthy meat.
As bison return to the landscape, the National Bison Association remembers their rebound from near extinction only 150 years ago. With this National Bison Day we celebrate the heritage of the buffalo, strive to keep learning more, and create a sustainable future for the caretakers of the animals.
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