Throlson Bison Foundation Awards $15,000 in Financial Support
WESTMINSTER, CO (November 11, 2021) – Three emerging livestock industry leaders received welcomed financial support this month as they were named recipients of the 2022 Throlson American Bison Foundation scholarship.
The Throlson Foundation scholarship review committee reviewed numerous applications and narrowed it down to three stand-out students. This year’s recipients includes funding from the Rich Zahringer Memorial Scholarship Fund, which supports those students who focus on agricultural business and accounting in recognition of the fund’s namesake, who was a longtime bison industry accountant and is among the pioneers of the modern bison-business. The scholarship is made possible by Rocky Mountain Natural Meats.
This year’s scholarship recipients include:
·      Kelley Duggan – Colorado State University – Animal Sciences
·      Sam Stroup – Texas A&M University –Veterinary Medicine
·      Bradly Wehus-Tow – South Dakota State University – Animal Sciences
The primary mission of the foundation is to annually award scholarships in bison related studies.
Some previous winning students have pursued degrees in veterinary medicine (production or pathology research), nutrition (livestock or meat), animal science, and behavior science. One common theme they have all possessed is an interest in the advancement of the bison industry.
You can support the Throlson American Bison Scholarship by making a tax-deductible to the Throlson American Bison Foundation by contacting the NBA at (303)292-2833, or by emailing, or by visiting