Westminster, CO (January 26, 2023) -- The InterTribal Buffalo Council (ITBC), a federally chartered Indian organization, with 79 Member Tribes, and the National Bison Association (NBA), representing nearly 1,200 private bison producers, have renewed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that outlines specific areas in which the two organizations collaborate to continue to restore bison herds across North America, and in the diets of the American people. 
Discussion on developing an agreement began in 2013, with the board of directors of both organizations finalizing the initial MOU in the summer of 2014, thereby allowing the two to work on a host of collaborative bison projects, particularly the passing of the Bison Legacy Act, establishing bison as the national mammal of the United States in 2016.
 NBA President Chad Kremer noted, "We have a lot of strength being here together. Buffalo are what brings us all together. We appreciate the collaboration and understanding between our groups as we continue to collectively restore the bison species from its near extinction."
The MOU notes that, "The Inter Tribal Buffalo Council and the National Bison Association have mutual interests to restore bison to the American landscape in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner." The agreement also details their shared commitment to including bison in school lunch and federal nutrition programs, as well as keeping at bay any genetic alterations to bison/buffalo, and to work together on joint advocacy on various legislative and regulatory matters at the national and state levels might benefit the respective organizations
The MOU outlines a set of specific areas in which the two organizations will work together over the coming years. Longtime partner and ITBC representative Mike Faith commented, "As I look around, I see the buffalo nation coming back strong. Unified for the industry there is strength. If we don't stay together it's going to hurt the market, going to hurt the industry, everybody. There's times we have to put differences aside and look farther into the future. Our grandchildren, their grandchildren, they have the right to raise buffalo also. This organization, NBA and ITBC are trying to get that path open for future generations so they can make a way for the tatanka, the buffalo."
To learn more about the efforts of the InterTribal Buffalo Council go to: www.itbcbuffalonation.org
More information on the National Bison Association is available at: www.bisoncentral.com