July is National Bison Month!
Celebrate the United States National Mammal throughout the Month

July 1, 2022 (Westminster, CO) - The National Bison Association (NBA) kicked off National Bison Month today. As part of the celebration, consumers are encouraged to add this uniquely American, delicious, humanely-raised, supremely healthy protein to their regular diets.

The American Bison, whose population once exceeded 30 million animals, was decimated to near extinction in the late 19th century through hunting, slaughter, and western-introduced disease. However, the bison has made a tremendous comeback and now numbers over 400,000 head across the continent. This comeback is due to a unique collaboration among American farmers and ranchers, Native American tribes, and conservation groups, all working to restore the species to its native landscape of North America. This collaboration also made the American bison the first-ever National Mammal of the United States in 2016.

Bison are “Regenerative by Nature” ™ thanks to the fact that the species was never domesticated and, as such, retains those innate instincts that helped shape North America’s great plains. The bison’s natural grazing behavior, hoof-action, fertilization of the soil, and other attributes assist in regenerating healthy soils and the grasslands they graze when properly managed. Bison stewards utilize these instincts today to raise healthy bison and end products that support and expand important grassland carbon sinks and the species. That's why consumers of bison meat and byproducts are partners in restoring the bison species.

National Bison Month, celebrated each July, is when American bison producers and marketers promote the delicious taste of bison. Burgers, steaks, and even roasts are great summer grilling alternatives. According to the NBA, bison is the leanest protein widely available in today's marketplace. The meat is nutrient-dense, with 26% more iron than beef and 87% lower in fat. Bison has 76% more B12 vitamins than chicken, and 32% less fat, based on nutrient data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Bison is easier to find than ever, with almost every grocer carrying at least ground bison. Many natural food stores and bison farm-direct marketers offer the same cuts consumers typically see from beef animals. Find a local bison producer near you at our online buyer’s guide at www.bisoncentral.com/buying-bison-meat/ and find bison-specific recipes and instructional cooking videos at www.bisoncentral.com/how-to-cook-bison/.

The National Bison Association is a member-based, nonprofit trade association made up of bison farmers, ranchers, marketers, conservationists, public herd managers, enthusiasts, and more. Learn more at www.bisoncentral.com and @nationalbison.