National Bison Association Names New Executive Director
Westminster, CO (May 6, 2022) – The National Bison Association (NBA) selected Jim Matheson as their new executive director this week. Matheson replaces Dave Carter, who recently resigned as executive director after serving in that position for 20 years.
Matheson has served as assistant director at the NBA for over 17 years as the sole full-time staffer. In that role, he has provided various services to the NBA membership. Hallmarks of Matheson's tenure include quality annual summer and winter membership conferences, bison-specific educational resources and outreach, bison-specific marketing and management tools, IT support, and individually raising over $500,000 in grant funds to help educate bison producers.
“It’s a true honor to be selected as the executive director of the NBA. Having worked and participated in the bison community for the last 17-plus years, I'm eager to continue the excellent work that the NBA has undertaken over the previous two decades. I’m also looking forward to implementing exciting new programs and services that will benefit the entire NBA membership and the bison business as we continue to restore the species to its native landscape," said Matheson.
NBA President, Chad Kremer, said, “The board, staff, and membership of the NBA congratulate Mr. Matheson on this new opportunity for taking the reins of the association. He has been an instrumental part of the team for the last 17 years, and I look forward to continuing to work with him and the team in the future. Jim worked alongside Mr. Dave Carter for the last 17 years, and together they guided the association along the trail. He now has the opportunity to lead the charge. Congratulations, Jim!"
The National Bison Association (NBA) is a not-for-profit trade organization that serves nearly 1,200 members across North America and beyond. Our members comprise bison farmers, ranchers, processors, marketers, conservationists, tribal groups, and the general bison-loving public. The NBA serves as an umbrella organization for all things bison. 
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