Pooches Hungry for Bison? New Website Lists Honestly Labeled Dog Food Brands

Site Helps Customers Avoid Products with Mislabeled Water Buffalo

WESTMINSTER, CO (March 1, 2019) – The National Bison Association today launched a new website to help pet owners to select brands made with authentic North American bison, and to avoid deceptively labeled products made with water buffalo labeled only as “buffalo.” Visit the site at https://bisoncentral.com/buying-bison-pet-products/.

“As more people discover the great taste and nutritional benefits of bison, they are bringing it to the table for all members of their family, including their companion animals,” said Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association. “Our new site, entitled Sniffing Out the Best Bison Brands for Your Companion Animal, will help pet parents find products in the marketplace containing authentic North American Bison.”

The National Bison Association developed the new website after some companies have refused to fully label or disclose that the “buffalo” in their brands is actually imported water buffalo.

“Several pet food brands have worked with ranchers in recent years to develop products containing authentic North American bison. Many of those products list the ingredient as either bison or buffalo. Unfortunately, other brands are deceiving their customers by simply labeling their products as “buffalo” when in fact, they are using water buffalo, not North American bison. We want to help consumers make an informed choice.”

The National Bison Association is working with pet food regulators to propose new rules that would require an ingredient currently labeled as buffalo to by fully labeled as either American buffalo or water buffalo. Finalizing any regulatory change, however, is a long-term process.

“We want the public to be able to buy honestly labeled products with full confidence that they are providing their companion animals with the best bison products available,” Carter said.

Click here to access the Sniffing out the Best Bison Brands for Your Companion Animal.

Editors: To receive additional information on mislabeled water buffalo ingredients in pet food, please contact Dave Carter at david@bisoncentral.com or at 303.594.4420.