Request for Complete Review of Bison Research

The bison industry in the US and Canada is thriving today. Bison (bison bison) ranchers, conservation managers and Native American tribes are interested providing the best care possible for their animals.   Growth in commercial bison production in recent years has been driven primarily by growing demand for bison meat from consumers. The National Bison Association (NBA) recognizes that sporadic and diverse research studies have been conducted with bison since the restoration of the species. A key component underpinning conservation and production efforts is understanding the nutritional requirements of the species. As such, the NBA Science and Research Committee seeks an individual with an interest in bison and bison (ruminant) nutrition to develop a comprehensive review document of all bison research to date. This project is part of an effort to identify gaps in bison research that may lead to opportunities for researchers to partner with bison interests to develop studies useful to private and public managers of the U.S. National Mammal, bison. 

Such a document will contain a complete citation list annotated with brief statements of the findings of each research project.  The report will be structured by discipline with introductory comments on the process and significant findings and research needs considered as priorities for each discipline area.  Suggested discipline areas include:  a) reproduction and physiology; b) health, disease and veterinary care; c) nutrition and digestion; d) behavior, animal care and management (stress, environment, weaning practices, facilities etc.) and other topics determined important.  The nutrition area is of particular interest as there is currently no published nutrient requirements document for bison.  The final report in “Word” format, Calibri (11 point) or similar font will be provided in electronic form (CD) and PDF email.  Appropriate title page, table of contents, executive summary and summary comments will be included. Citations should be listed in Journal of Animal Science format.

The successful individual will be provided with bison research information collected by Dr. Murray Woodbury, Univ. of Saskatchewan, Dr. Vern Anderson (retired), North Dakota State University, and Jeff Martin (Ph.D. candidate), Texas A & M University.  Drs. Woodbury and Anderson will monitor progress and act as advisers to the researcher. A stipend of $8,000 (US) is offered by the National Buffalo Foundation to the successful candidate with $2000 of that payable upon delivery of a preliminary description of the proposed research process, milestones, and resources available to the researcher (see attached format). The remainder of the stipend will be paid upon delivery of the final report.  A timeline of three (3) months from the notification of the designated researcher is anticipated for completion of this study.  Researcher(s) may be undergraduates, graduate students, University staff or faculty or independent consultants, private researchers or livestock/bison industry professionals. This opportunity will be available until a suitable researcher is selected.

To apply, send an email letter of interest, this completed application, and a current vitae with contact information to:

Dr. David Hunter, Chair,
Research and Science Committee
National Bison Association