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2018 Bred Heifers for sale from Prairieland Bison

We have 25 bred heifers for sale, average weight of 1125 lbs on October 20, 2020. All heifers are bred to pure wood bulls, up to date on their vaccinations and double tagged for exporting. These girls have great length and depth and come from an award winning group as yearling and bred heifers. Prairieland Bison will be selling 3 bred heifers in the GTSS in Rapid City, SD in February. This would allow for delivery to be arranged to Rapid City if sold before January 25th so export work can be completed. We are located in Hodgeville SK, Canada. For more information and prices please contact:

Cole Haubrich, Prairieland Bison
(306) 677-7151

Barry Haubrich, Notekeu Creek Game Farm
(306) 648-7151