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Breeding Quality Heifer Calves, Bull Calves, and 1-2 y.o Breeding Bulls from Buffalo Ridge

Breeding Quality 2020 Heifer Calves (8 available)

Excellent 2020 Bull Calves

1-2 year old breeding bull prospects (6 available)


  • Location: Kingsville, MO (45 minutes SE of Kansas City, MO)
  • Weight gains 1+ pounds per day on grass only (measured)
  • Available for pickup late March
  • Will have had full round of vaccinations including boosters
  • Health papers for interstate destinations
  • Lot price available.
  • Load out facilities

Some info on us and our animals:

  • Started in 2010
  • 45 cow/calf operation
  • Breeding stock listed on National Bison Registry
  • Emphasis on grass fed and finished performance
  • Breeding program focused on overall animal robustness
    • conformation
    • weight and weight gain but not at the expense of conformation
    • performance on grass only (we also have a grass fed/finished meat business)
    • temperament (want them natural but not crazy)
    • calving rate (100% the most years)
  • Breeding bull
    • 1850+ pounds
    • Top grass fed performers from Diamond Tail PowerGenetics
  • Cows
    • Average over 1000 pounds
    • High pregnancy, birth, and weaning rates
    • Selective genetics from Missouri, Wisconsin, Custer State Park, et. Al.
    • Calves weaned in spring to boost performance

We are very pleased with this year’s calves and breeding bull prospects. Call or email for details. Don’t hesitate to call with questions.