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Buffalo Skull Art for Sale

Hello my name is Steve Basolo and I am the son of D.C. Buffalo Bud Basolo. My father was not one of the first Buffalo ranchers however he was the first man in history to create the large scale market for buffalo meat and ladies fur coats and purses. He first purchased 102 head to slaughter, on September 10, 1960, from Quentin Marquiss who had the “Little Buffalo Ranch” near Gillette, Wyoming, and marketed them through Safeway in California. My father pioneered the market for buffalo meat in the USA which all buffalo ranchers enjoy today.
My father then bought a 65,000-acre ranch South of Gillette, Wyoming which was called the “B bar B” and today is the Durham ranch. He acquired about 2,700 buffalo. He was the first man to purchase 500 head in Yellowstone Park from the Department of Interior and personally went in to trap them in the dead of winter of 1962.
Through the years he acquired a fabulous and rare collection of very unique buffalo statues, paintings, carvings etc. from family and friends. There are 36 framed artworks, 44 statues, powder horns, buffalo hoof ashtrays and a set of 24 carat gold drinking glasses.
The centerpiece of this incredible buffalo collection is a Buffalo skull covered with 11,200 carats of high quality turquoise and a second skull covered with red coral. The artist was a famous Turquoise worker by the name of Dee Moris.  Dee died in a hospital procedure a short time after he made the corral and turquoise heads for my father and mother. There are only two of his Turquoise Buffalo heads on earth. One is in a museum in Sedona, Arizona and the other is in my father’s collection. I contacted the museum and they said that several people have offered to buy their turquoise covered head for $50,000 and they would not sell it. 
For the first time ever I am putting this extraordinary collection up for sale for $70,000 one look is worth a thousand words.
Steve Basolo
Tracy, CA 
Phone: 209-610-3114