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Diamond 4D Drought Reduction Sale

Due to ongoing drought conditions, we must sell off a portion of our herd this fall.  Exact numbers will be available the first week of October and animals will be ready to ship the last week of October.  Currently we are looking at selling roughly 330 adult cows.   All will be ultrasounded and vaccinated prior to sale.   A number of those selling will be 3 year old bred heifers.  In addition, there will be roughly 21 two year old females and 41 two year old males that will be grass finished and ready for slaughter or as breeding stock.  36 Yearling females and 13 yearling males will be offered for sale as well.  Keep in mind that all  these numbers are subject to change as we bring them in and get a final count.  All are top notch northern plains animals in good condition with quality breeding stock foundations.   Our herd is broke to cake and easy to move and would make a great starter herd or as a supplement to existing herd.  Pricing will be available upon request.  Please reach out to Chris Bechtold, Diamond 4D Ranch, Choteau, Montana