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Double L Bison Herd Reduction, Clearwater, Idaho

Double L Bison Herd Reduction, Clearwater, Idaho

Roosevelt and Custer bloodline.  43 Exposed heifers, many soon to calve

4 full-grown breeding bulls.  19 mixed 2- and 3-year-olds sold at $2.50 per pound.  The herd is calm and relatively gentle.  Raised in the mountains of north-central Idaho, so able to adapt to cold and hot climates.  All have ID tags.  Will be ready to travel with a health inspection before transport.  1 buyer preferred and will entertain offers and price negotiations.  Seller guarantees the health of animals to your trailer.  You haul.

These animals would be an amazing investment for your startup in the bison industry or a strong addition to your existing herd.

For further information, photos, or video, email IdahoCML@gmail.com.  

Website: www.doublelbison.com.