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News from Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch

Ray and Debbie Thieman and Shawn and Carrie Bennett, owners of Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch, have recently become dealers for Rio Nutrition. Rio makes a low intake protein and mineral tub that we have been using on our ranch for the past 10 years. We have seen tremendous improvement in both breed back and sellable calves as well as improved weaning weights. Even though the upfront cost can be high for these types of concentrated, low consumption tubs the payback is well worth the investment. The tubs are designed to improve on the digestion and production of protein within the gut of cattle and buffalo particularly in the utilization of dry grass. For the past 20 years, we have seen persistent dryness in our area and we credit the condition and production of our buffalo cows to the use of these tubs. We are located in Limon, CO, and will work with you if you are interested in getting these tubs. If we cannot help you directly we will be able to assist in finding a dealer near you. For more information contact us at info@prairerigebuffalo.com or call 719-771-8742 for Ray Thieman or 719-740-0478 for Shawn Bennett or go to their website at WWW.RIOMAX.NET.