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Seeking Partner in Growing Bison Operation

Ranchlands is seeking additional partnerships with landowners with available land base who are/want to be engaged in bison ranching in the commercial and/or conservation contexts. We are creative and flexible in our approach, but seeking opportunities that fit the following, general parameters:

Location: Great Plains and interior western states including Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana

Stocking Capacity: Minimum 600 cows (approximately 1,000 AUM)

Term & Nature of Agreement: Ranchlands’s successful model is a long term (10+ years) ranch management engagement whereby Ranchlands provides turn-key management services on subject properties, minimizing, or completely obviating, ongoing costs to the landowner. Infrastructure: While basic cattle infrastructure is often sufficient, Ranchlands will consider investing in bison specific infrastructure given a sufficiently long management engagement.

719-641-4489 // tess@ranchlands.com //www.ranchlands.com/bison