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Durham Ranch On-site Introductory Holistic Management Seminar: March 1 – 4, 2022

Has drought, covid, fluctuating markets or processing bottlenecks made it impossible for you to plan a profit or a grazing plan? Do you feel paralyzed by all the uncertainty facing the bison industry and agriculture today? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you need to give careful consideration to attending the Holistic Management Seminar at the Durham Ranch.

Last Chance:  Roland has set his sights on retiring and will teach one final seminar at the Durham Ranch. Register now before this opportunity slips away.

Durham Ranch is located 30 miles south of Gillette, WY. The seminar is limited to 15 people and has sold out the last 10 years. So, Register Today!

The Durham Ranch operates on approximately 55,000 acres carrying over a 1,000 head of bison. They’ve been practicing Holistic Management for 35 years and in the bison business for over 50 years.  Attendees will learn how the Durham Ranch manages large herds on arid landscapes (12-14″ precip.).  Their innovative management techniques improve the production of the land and support the large herd year-round with nominal supplemental feed.  Even though we will use Durham Ranch as a learning center, you will have ample time to work on your own operations. 

To learn more about this seminar, visit the following website:https://www.crossroadsranchconsulting.com/educational-services