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Starter Herd (Grass fed) available from BLACKFISH BISON RANCH

Approximately 30-40 Bison available for your starter herd whether New Rancher or Existing Rancher. This Herd has been well managed and culled over the last 9 years to raise Bison that perform well in the conditions of the Eastern side of the Bison Industry . All Bison have been Born and raised on Our Grounds. We are reducing the Herd to give You a Excellent Start into the business whether it’s for Farmers Market, Agritourism , or Your New Foundation. More information on Pricing and general information call BRANDEON HAMPTON BLACKFISH BISON RANCH WINCHESTER KY 40391 (859)-808-1285 or Text. Would like to sell in one Lot or remove Breeder Bulls and Meat Bulls as a lot. All vaccinations and tags will be provided according to Your State laws and Ranch needs at No extra cost. We are here to accommodate Your needs . References can be provided from previous buyers upon Your request , also check out Our Social Media ( Blackfish Bison Ranch)on Facebook and Instagram as well as TCB Facebook group page. Email shedsnbeards@yahoo.com.

2 year old bred Heifers (approximately 9)

5 year  bred cows (approximately 10)

1.5-2.5 year old Meat Bulls (approximately 12)

3-5 year old Breeder Bulls (approximately 7)