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Two Bulls for Sale

Two bulls for sale.  One is 6yrs and the other 2 yrs old.  We’re asking $3,000 for the 6yr old and $2,500 for 2yr old.  Will trade for heifers or young cows. Inquire at for more information and photos.

Location: California

Replacement Quality Heifers for Sale

50 head of replacement quality 2017 heifer calves and 15 head of 2016 replacement quality yearling heifers for sale. Contact Diamond Tail Ranch at 970-435-5775 to inquire.

For Sale – Bred Bison Heifers

40 Nice hand picked bred Bison Heifers.  Please contact Dave for pictures, weights, and specifics at 605-391-4646.

Location: South Dakota

Grassfed Animals for Sale

25 calves for sale
Mixed heifers/bulls
OCV and Mycoplasma Bovis Vaccines Given
Sorting Herd on November 17th
Hauling Available
Location: Oregon
Price and Availability – Call Terry at 541-408-3521

Ranch Hand for Hire

Bison ranch near Valentine, NE, which is on a school route for Mullen, NE schools. Duties include ATV/UTV riding. Windmill maintenance. Operating equipment and bison handling. Welding and mechanical experience needed. Features a competitive salary with benefits. Housing, utilities, internet and phone are provided. Personal horses can be kept on the ranch. Please call the Spikebox ranch manager Terry Purdum at 308-546-2294 to inquire.

Nebraska Grazing Ground for Sale in the Sandhills

7,200 acres, including school land, for sale in the Nebraska Sandhills, south of Bassett. Great grazing ground. Excellent water. Fenced for bison with 6 wire hot fence. Manager available with 86 bison available to start your herd. Please call Jerry to inquire 402-925-2431.

Bred Heifers for Sale

Bred heifers for sale. Choose the top five out of a group of 55 replacement quality heifers. Call Brian for weights and specifics. (518) 588-1402.

Yearling Heifers for Sale

Longreach Buffalo Company has 30 yearling heifers for sale.  Currently in the pasture with the herd; weaned by their moms; no grain.  Over the past five years our yearling heifers have averaged 710 lbs in late November.  Our breeding bulls have come from the DTBA Young Guns sale since 2009.

Heifers are OCV and tested for mtDNA.   Available at the ranch near Weston, WY after November 18, 2017.  Call Roy Liedtke at 307-660-6599 for details.

Location: Northeast Wyoming

1 Semi-Load Bison Heifer Calves for Sale

1 Semi-load Bison Heifer Calves for sale. OCV vaccinates, weaned from herd established over 30-years ago. Please respond to

Job Posting-Ranch Hand Wanted

Position open for a full time Ranch Hand on a large bison ranch S.E. of Gordon, NE. Ranch is very remote.

Duties consist of ATV & UTV riding, windmill maintenance, fence maintenance, operating equipment, and livestock handling.  Welding, Mechanical, and or carpentry skills are a plus.

ATV and UTV experience is a must.

No horse work is involved in the job, however, employee may keep personal horses on the ranch.  This is an excellent opportunity for the right person.  The position features a competitive salary and great benefits.  Housing and utilities are included with the job.

For more information please call Fawn Lake Ranch-Johnny Covey at 308-282-0307. Please leave a message if no answer.   
Location: Nebraska

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