2024 Gold Trophy Show and Sale Consignment Form

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2024 Gold Trophy Show and Sale Consignment Form
  1. Entry fee is nonrefundable, unless due to volume of animals it has been asked that the entry be removed or a class with less than three entries has been cancelled.
  2. All current NBA Life, Active, Supporter and Youth members are eligible to consign animals in the GTSS.
  3. Consignors are limited to two entries per class, with the exception of the single calf classes, where each consignor may have up to three entries per class. All pens are limited to one entry per consignor. There is a class limit of 20 yearling bulls and 14 two-year old bulls in which one can consign two animals per class, but the 2nd animal will be on a waiting list until the consignment deadline, and then added until the class is full, and will be added on a first come first serve basis. Entries may be reduced at the discretion of the GTSS Committee Chairperson(s) if class sizes become an issue due to pen space. The NBA reserves the right to cancel any class with less than three entries after the entry deadline. If a class is cancelled or entry numbers are reduced, affected consignors will have entry fees refunded.
  4. All entry forms, rules and other information are available on the NBA website at bisoncentral.com/gold-trophy-show-and-sale/

2024 Entry fees:
2 Year Old Bred Heifer (’21) - $110
Two Year Old Bull (’21) - $110 (class capped at 14 head)
Yearling Bull (’22) - $110 (class capped at 20 head)
Yearling Heifer (’22) - $110
Bull Calf (’23) - $110
Heifer Calf (’23) - $110
Pen of 3 Yearling Heifers (’22) - $200
Pen of 5 Heifer Calves (’23) - $300


Consignors are also encouraged to complete a background form on all consignments to better market your animals. All forms available at https://bisoncentral.com/gold-trophy-show-and-sale/.

Animal Listing

(only if part of these NBA programs) also Canadian RFID
I would like to make a contribution to support the GTSS handling crew in the amount of:


  1. A) The consignor assumes all responsibilities in regard to the accompanying terms and conditions of this show and sale. The NBA acts only as an agent and will assume no responsibility in the event of injury or death to any animal or for any discrepancy between the buyer and the consignor. Consignor agrees to indemnify and hold the National Bison Association and its officers, members, directors, employees or agents harmless from and against any lawsuits, claims, action or causes of action, arising out of, or in connection with, any errors or omissions of Consignor, its agents, representatives or employees, with respect to Consignor’s duties and responsibilities set forth in this Agreement. This obligation by Consignor includes, but is not limited to, the cost of defense, payment of any judgments and payment of any expenses and for attorneys’ fees and other costs, which may be incurred.
  2. B) In accordance with GTSS regulations, a sifting committee may be appointed to view the animals entered and any animal deemed to be without merit as would entitle them to exhibit, the GTSS Committee Chairman may require them to be removed from the grounds. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any animal from the show or sale if in their opinion there is reason. The reasons include, but are not limited, to the following: animal appears to be diseased, injured, or in poor condition. If on arrival or during its stay in the yards an animal appears to be unhealthy, either the GTSS Committee Chairman reserves the right to have that animal examined by a licensed Veterinarian. If an animal is determined to be unhealthy by the Veterinarian, that animal shall be removed from the Show & Sale. Costs of examination shall be borne by the NBA if the animal is deemed healthy or born by the consignor if the animal is deemed unhealthy.

I (we) affirm the non­use of growth stimulants or steroids. I (we) agree to testing of consigned animals during the Gold Trophy Show & Sale period. I (we) agree that a violation of this rule could (subject to action by the NBA Board) lead to permanent banishment from both the GTSS and the NBA. I (we) affirm that our animal(s) have not been treated for any health or medical condition in the previous 30 days other than required vaccinations and worming treatments, or will provide a documented description of any treatment with the health certificate within the 30 day period.

Furthermore, I (we) have read and understand all accompanying rules and regulations of the National Bison Association and/or the Gold Trophy Show & Sale. I (we) certify the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and entries comply with all stated rules and regulations

Accepted attendance terms: