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Herd Reduction Bison Sale
Monday April 22, 2019

I’m selling 2018 yearling heifer and bull calves as well as bred cows.  My herd will be over 50 head after spring calves arrive and I need to get down closer to 35.  All animals were born and raised on my farm and 100% grass fed.  These animals are 100% sound and ready to go.  I recently de-wormed the herd with Dectomax injectable April 6th, 2019 and ear tagged all of 2018 calves.  Herd Breeding bull is in the second pic.  More pics available upon request.  Reasonable offers will be considered.  Located in Central Illinois, 20 sw of Champaign.

Call or text 217-714 – 4433.

Terry Performance Bison – Yearlings
Friday April 19, 2019

We have 600 head of bull and heifer yearlings available, $1800 each.

Please contact Jaren Whitman 406-579-5195.

Terry Performance Bison – Bred Cows
Friday April 19, 2019

We have 1,000 bred cows, mixed ages $2800 each

Have grass and are able to summer them.

Contact Jaren Whitman at 406-579-5195


Monday April 15, 2019







CALL TERRY 541-408-3521

Too Much Grass in Colorado – We need some more Bison
Monday April 15, 2019

My partner and I have recently acquired long term pasture leases on 10,000 acres of grassland in two ranches on the Eastern Plains of Colorado.  This is in addition to the grasslands we run our bison on in Eastern Kansas.  We don’t own enough of our own bison to fill up and use this grass up.  We are looking to run someone else’s animals for several years.  Opportunity #1 – We can take in 250 yearlings every year for 3 to 5 years.  Payment can be a monthly cash payment for pasture and care or we will trade for yearling bulls at an agreed upon value.  Opportunity #2 – We can take in 200 head of breed cows.  Ownership supplies their own bull power.  This could be a 3 to 5 year deal. Again, payment for care can be a monthly cash payment or we will take in weaned bull calves of equal value.  Historically, under our management we see a 90% plus calving rate.  Ownership must supply the correct number of bulls (14 to 15 bulls for a cow herd of 200).  Herd Bulls are to be semen tested annually and the cow herd is to be preg checked annually.  All open cows are to be culled.  All bison are to be ear tagged and have permanent metal ID tags.

Rex Moore of Rock River Ranches is part of the management team.  Rock River Ranches is looking to increase it’s annual meat production.  Rock River Ranches could be interested in acquiring some of these yearling bulls in future as our requirements increase.

Please contact Rex Moore at 303-901-1864 (or email) to discuss further opportunities to run your bison on our grass.

PS – We are also looking to hire a bison ranch manager for our expanding operations.

Herd Bull For Sale
Thursday April 11, 2019

Born 2011, Missouri Bison Association’s 1st place bull in 2014.  Located in Southwestern Missouri $4000.00 OBO. Please contact Wayne at 417-926-2366.

Buffalo Gold Special Boot Offering
Thursday April 11, 2019

Ladies #7244 Boulet tall bison leather foot boots to be available … again; limited quantity; limited time. 16″ top; shrunken grain bison in rough rider amber gold with magenta accents.

Here’s the “story”. After too many tangles with US Fish and Wildlife over the import/export of bison leather products, we finally convinced Boulet to make us one more run … just for us … of these fantastic and very popular boots. We’re doing a size run … but if you want one built in your specific size, let us get it ordered in this group. We expect to be able to deliver them at or just before Summer Conference in Bismark. We need to know by April 24th to be sure. Call Darlene at 817-727-3435. This is the same boot we had at the 2017 Winter Conference and ran out of sizes …. been trying ever since to get them back in stock. This is probably the last time!

In need of a bison squeeze
Wednesday April 10, 2019

We are looking for a new or used bison squeeze. Please email with any leads or information.

Thanks in advance!

Located in Oklahoma.

2018 Bison Calves for Sale
Monday April 8, 2019

A few weeks and they’re yearlings and a wonderful bargain at last fall calf prices of

$1500 each. Grass-fed with their moms on open range native pastures. Robust and

smart they have thrived in a Montana milieu of mixed -40.9 temperatures and blizzard

snow drifts. They satisfy the preference and compassion of folks in the modern American

natural food market: humane and open range conditions and healthy, pure, and wild

taste. The herd is about to be moved onto summer pastures and can be detoured to

our handling facilities for shipment within the month. Ca. 40 plus with nature’s fifty-fifty

gender split. Photos available. A pending balloon mortgage payment requires any offer

to be seriously considered. Contact or (406) 775-8808.



Bison Wall Pedestal Taxidermy Mount
Monday April 8, 2019

Up for sale is a new Bison Wall Pedestal Mount. The backing material for the exposed portion of the pedestal form is dark brown Bison Leather. The pedestal form allows greater visibility of the beautifully colored “hump” on this animal. This specimen was harvested in the winter and has a very thick fur coat. Lots of caramels and browns with some red tones present. He was harvested, tanned and mounted in 2018. More pictures available upon request. The price of the mount is $4,000. I will crate/pack for free and the shipping is estimated to be around $350-400 through Taxidermy Freight. If interested, please contact Scott at or 205-936-1457. Thank you for looking.

Brisket to top of Hump- 43″

Wall to Nose-36″


Horn tip to Horn tip- 21″

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