Bison Perfected by Nature

Nature’s Original Plant Based Protein ™

National Bison Association members are committed to raising bison as naturally as possible, the way nature intended, to produce flavorful, healthy meat and to the humane and sustainable raising of the American bison. This commitment benefits all of us by preserving this magnificent, iconic animal. The people who choose to enjoy the natural, delicious and healthy option to eat bison meat are helping to preserve bison and enjoy the healthy benefits.

Regenerative By Nature™

You have likely heard the term “regenerative agriculture” of late, as more people discuss this type of farm and ranch management in different circles of climate, food and agriculture, but what does it mean and how does bison fit in to the big picture? Rather significantly, it turns out.

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Bison is Nature’s Perfect Protein

Amino acids are well known as the building blocks for protein and bison delivers all of the essential amino acids our bodies need. The protein-related role of amino acids is critical in support of our over-all health including a healthy nervous, detox and digestive system and especially the health of our immune system. Bison also has a high ratio of healthy fatty acids like Omega-3.

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Why Consuming Bison is Key to Bison Preservation

125 years ago bison were on the brink of extinction. Today, nearly all of the bison in the world can be traced to the five foundation herds assembled in the late 1800’s by people such as Charles Goodnight of the Goodnight-Loving cattle trail fame, showman and entrepreneur Charles “Buffalo Jones,” Native American Samael Walking Coyote, partners Michel Pablo and Charles Allard, and “Buffalo King” Scotty Phillip. These ranchers saved the species. Canada had home-grown saviors of the bison as well.

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Bison is Healthy for You and the Environment

The delicious taste of bison begins on the native rangelands and pastures of North America. Mother Nature perfected bison over thousands of years to produce flavorful, healthy meat from the native grasses and other plants in our ecosystem. All bison spend the majority of their lives on these native pastures.

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Bison Feeding: Many Methods, Many Reasons

Every responsible bison rancher develops finishing protocols based upon their available land base, access to feedstocks, customer expectations, and a myriad of other factors. While
those factors vary, bison producers are united in their commitment to responsible animal husbandry, environmental stewardship, and providing their customers with a great tasting, nutritionally superior product. Read the NBA’s full report on the myriad of methods used to “finish” bison meat here.

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Bison is America’s Original Red Meat

Native American Indians exhibited great skill and ingenuity in turning one of their greatest natural resources—bison— into tools and materials to help them survive.

Bison were crucial to the life of many tribes, especially the tribes of the plains. For the plains tribes, their lives centered around the bison hunt.

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