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Throlson American Bison Foundation

8690 Wolff Ct. #200, Westminster, CO 80031 Email: jim@bisoncentral.com

Throlson American Bison Foundation Scholarship Application Scholarship application due: October 1st
Scholarship announcement: no later than November 5th

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National Bison Foundation

Preserve their History. Foster their Future.

In recent years the National Buffalo Foundation’s (NBF) Board of Directors have focused on restructuring the organization and on the expansion of its financial resources. This new focus affords the Foundation to support influential projects that positively impact the future of the bison.

NBF has gifted a diversity of sponsorships and grants that support the Foundation’s mission and vision. Some of the projects are depicted in the below pictorial.

Among the foundation’s current projects is the Bison Exhibit – a traveling exhibit exploring the past, present and future of this great North American animal. Learn more at www.bisonexhibit.org.

To learn more about the Foundation, its purpose and projects visit www.nationalbuffalofoundation.org.

The National Buffalo Foundation is a registered 501c(3) organization

To initiate discussion of contributing to the Foundation please click here.

North American Bison Registry

8690 Wolff Ct. #200, Westminster, CO 80031
Email: jim@bisoncentral.com
Tracking and recording genetic information is a crucial management practice for a healthy heard and a great marketing tool when selling your animals, and the NBA has the tools to help you do it. Through the NBA’s North American Bison Registry, we offer DNA testing for $25/head plus a heard prefix fee (waived for active NBA members not yet registered) The testing is facilitated through our partnership with the University of California – Davis. The DNA test, which includes both mitochondrial and nuclear tests.

The NABR lends genetic credibility to breeding programs through an accurate and scienti c based record keeping system. The NABR was founded in 1980 and is currently and is chaired by Gerald Parsons, DVM – Canadian River Bison, Stratford, OK.

To participate, complete and submit the NABR Order Form.

In 2016, the NABR adopted the following disclaimer regarding modern bison genetics to educate media sources that cite misinformation on this issue:

The positions and opinions reflected in this article are not necessarily shared by the North American Bison Registry. Whereas the NABR charges itself with discovering and recording bison heritage, the inclusion of all remnant bison genetics is our mission to ensure that the future of bison conservation is secure. Until it is proven that absolute purity is significant, and can be indisputably identified, the NABR includes all post-bottleneck bison for their genetic contribution, but excludes introgression, i.e. hybrids, by process of genetic testing and ethical management. The NABR is made up of scientists, veterinarians, advisors and bison ranchers who are dedicated to: “Preserving the Heritage of American Bison”.

Conservation Herd Registry

Producers are now able to register their foundation herds as a conserva- tion herd, and thereby record the future growth of their herds that are be- ing raised in a sustainable manner. See all the details in the Conservation Herd Registry Bylaws.

To participate, complete and submit the application form.

Nationwide® Agribusiness

The National Bison Association and Nationwide® Agribusiness are committed to providing insurance products and services that help producers stay pro table and protected.

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