Don’t Be Buffaloed!

We’ve sniffed out the best pet product brands for your companion animal.

More families are discovering the great taste and nutritional benefits of North American bison every day. With more retail stores and restaurants carrying deliciously healthy bison meat, ranchers are restoring herds to the native grasslands across the United States and Canada.

We’re pleased that many pet food companies have stepped forward to include bison as a high-quality ingredient in food and treat products for the furry members of our families. Those companies have discovered that many customers want to treat their companion animals to the same flavorful, nutritious diet as ever other member of their family.

Unfortunately, some companies are exploiting the popularity of bison meat, by adding cheaply-priced imported water buffalo ingredients—labeled only as “buffalo” to their products. While this practice is technically not illegal, it deceives customers into believing that these water buffalo ingredients are actually North American Bison.

The National Bison Association is launching this website as a service to aid consumers in selecting products for their companion animals produced by companies committed to honest, transparent labeling of bison and water buffalo ingredients in their products. Don’t be buffaloed: chose real bison—the best protein—for your companion animal.

Friends of the Herd

These products provide your companion animal with the best high-quality bison ingredients.

Merrick® Grain Free Real Bison Beef + Sweet Potato™

Merrick is a leading partner in bison restoration. Their “Real Buffalo Beef + Sweet Potato Recipe has always had North American Bison as the No. 1 ingredient. Now, the company has changed the label to “Real Bison, Beef + Sweet Potato Recipe” to make sure that their customers know that the company is committed to using only real bison, not imported water buffalo.

And, Merrick has subscribed to the National Bison Association’s Partners in Bison Restoration labeling program as an additional commitment to support North American’s bison ranchers.

BLUE Wilderness® Rocky Mountain Recipe™

Blue Buffalo products have long used the image of the North American Bison to convey the quality of their ingredients. Blue’s Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe exemplifies that commitment. Deboned bison is the No. 1 ingredient is a quality, high protein recipe.

Grain Free PURE Limited Ingredients

Canidae proudly calls out its partnership with U.S. bison ranchers. And, the company also has two treat products featuring bison! Check out those treats here:

Solid Gold® Wolf King™ Bison and Brown Rice Recipe with Sweet Potatoes
Natural Balance® Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Bison Dry Dog

Bison is the No. 2 Ingredient in this recipe. Natural Balance was founded by Dick Van Patton as a brand that uses high quality ingredients. He even used to eat the food to demonstrate its quality.

Orijen® Regional Red Freeze Dried™

Orijen is a super-premium brand that has developed a highly transparent and traceable system for its ingredients.

Rachael Ray Nutrish® Zero Grain Beef, Potato & Bison Recipe™

Rachael Ray is a high-end pet food brand. The website for this product notes, “Real bison raised on U.S. farms is a lean, nutrient-dense protein that contains essential amino acids to help support healthy muscle mass. Plus, it’s easily digestible and isn’t often used in dog food, which may make it less likely to aggravate food sensitivities.”

I&love&You® Naked Essentials™ Lamb + Bison
Bowser’s Best Buffalo BitesBowser’s Best Buffalo Bites

These treats are made is small batches by by NBA Members Don and Sally Whitson.

Taste of the Wild® High Prairie Formula with Roasted Bison
and Roasted Venison ™

Taste of the Wild has declined to add the word “water” in front of the term “buffalo” in their ingredient panel.

While this brand contains at least 3% roasted bison, we believe that the brand should be open and transparent about including water buffalo as the lead ingredient.

Not a recommended brand.

Health Extension® Little Bites™ Grain Free Buffalo & whitefish Recipe

Health Extension’s website notes, “Knowing where the ingredients in your pet food comes from is important.” And, they include a clickable map of the United States so that users can see where those ingredients originate. When clicking on buffalo, a pop-up box appears with the words: India. A+ of full disclosure on the website, but not on the product label.