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Earth Day and the American Bison – A Perfect, Regenerative Fit

Westminster, CO (April 22, 2022) - On this 2022 Earth Day, as we celebrate Mother Earth and her natural majesty, the National Bison Association encourages consumers to claim bison as their clean, regenerative protein choice. Why? Because bison are “Regenerative by Nature”. ™

Regenerative agriculture practices increase soil biodiversity and organic matter, leading to more resilient soils that can better withstand climate change impacts like flooding and drought. Healthy soils promote the growth and health of the bison that graze on those plants and grasses, while restoring important carbon-capturing grasslands in the process. This is regenerative agriculture in a nutshell and bison are nature’s perfect fit for this approach to sustainable agriculture. The bison’s regenerative behavior can be attributed to their evolution on the North American continent over thousands of years and their resulting grazing behavior, which remains intact today as bison have never been domesticated.

Today’s bison stewards utilize these innate instincts to their advantage, while, in turn, restoring the species to its native landscape to produce a supremely nutrient-dense, low-fat, delicious protein. As such, the National Bison Association provides a very holistic approach to herd management in its education and outreach to livestock stewards who are increasingly choosing bison to graze their pastures, and which has proven to be a profitable agricultural endeavor with bison producers in every state today.

Did you know that bison are raised without growth hormones or antibiotics and are not subjected to industrial livestock practices including artificial insemination, castration, dehorning, and branding? Further, when you purchase bison meat, you become a “Partner in Restoration”, helping to restore healthy bison to healthy American landscapes. And that’s no small feat. Roughly 135 years ago, only about 750 bison remained from herds that once numbered as high as 40 million. Thanks to people like you, nearly 400,000 bison have been restored to North America, and YOU —as a bison customer—are a vital partner in that endeavor. Learn more at