Hunting for Bison Just Got Easier with New Mobile App
Buysome Bison Helps Consumers Locate Local Meat, Agritourism Opportunities
WESTMINSTER, CO (October 11, 2019) - Bison hunting-or, at least hunting for tasty bison, just got a lot easier with the introduction of the National Bison Association's new Buysome Bison mobile-app.
The new app, which was funded through a grant from USDA's Farmers' Market Promotion Program, allows users to locate local bison ranches and farms that offer meat sales on-farm or at farmers' markets, and that offer agritourism opportunities.
Dave Carter, National Bison Association executive director, noted, "This app allows users to quickly locate ranchers and farmers who can supply them with deliciously healthy, locally raised bison meat and a variety of bison artisan goods. Many even offer tours, wedding venues, weekend getaways, and other agritourism experiences for the whole family."
Users can search for local marketers using a variety of easy-to-use search functions.
The app is available for iOS and Android devices at Google Play and the Apple App Store.
Carter said, "More and more people want to feed their families with nutritious, locally grown food. With the Buysome Bison app, they can connect with a local rancher and know exactly where their bison meat is raised."
"And, Buysome Bison even provides information on ranchers who sell live animals," Carter added.
"This is a great resource for people entering the bison business, or who are looking to expand their herds."