70 Top Quality Bison For Sale Buy some Buy all

We have a beautiful herd of Bison in central Iowa just south of Des Moines.  Our bison is a well established herd led by a 20 year old female. Great family structure and very tame healthy animals.  Run on a 150 acres of prime pasture with only 5 strands of high tensile fencing. We have …
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100% Grass-Fed Breeding Bulls

We have 2 three year old, semen tested, Bison breeding bulls for sale. Never had a bite of grain, just grass, water, and mineral. Weigh 1100- 1200 lbs. Out of dams 10+ years old (any open cows are culled). Even tempered in chute. Contact Kristopher Kelley (kristopher@woodlandfarm.com) for pricing and any other details. Located in …
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Hydraulic Squeeze Chute and Handling System

I am a new bison rancher and am in need of a hydraulic squeeze chute and handling system.  Please respond with what equipment you are able to sell and where you are located. andrew@brooksco.com 415-816-3444 (text preferred)

Bison Cow and Calf for Sale

We have a 10 year old bison cow with calf that we need to sell asap. The Cow has increased her aggression to the point it is not longer safe for our children to even be in the area of her. She has been pulled from the herd and is “Open”.  You all know what …
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Yearlings for Sale

2021 born bison yearlings for sale. 12 bulls and 6 heifers. Grass fed. Closed herd. Located in Armstrong Creek, WI. Small orders or the whole lot. Contact Steve Wysocki at 715-889-1210 text or call.

Cows for Sale

40 cows for sale, some with calves on the ground, others open. Breds are $2000, $2500 for pairs, $1800 for open cows.    Call Peter 816-585-4779.    Located in Missouri

News from Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch

Ray and Debbie Thieman and Shawn and Carrie Bennett, owners of Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch, have recently become dealers for Rio Nutrition. Rio makes a low intake protein and mineral tub that we have been using on our ranch for the past 10 years. We have seen tremendous improvement in both breed back and sellable …
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Calves for Sale

Back Forty Bison Ranch selling last year calves 10 heifer calves/ 11 bull calves. grass feed, vaccinate 3/21/22 call Pete (308) 850-8597 Hordville, NE.

Bison for Sale

8 bison bull calves born in May 2021, and 4 bison heifers born in May 2020 for sale. Excellent bloodlines, great conditioning. Located in NW Wisconsin. Please call 262-581-6295 to inquire.